Arcanists Game

A Mystical Online Battle Tournament Begins

Arcanists is an online multiplayer game where players create, train and fight with their very own Arcanist – a magic user. Set in a magical realm where spells and mysticism is common in everyday life, players must compete online against other arcanists from around the world in different modes of play. Players who succeed in vanquishing their foes are rewarded with wands which can be used to learn new arcane books and more powerful spells, thus moving the player closer to becoming the most powerful Arcanist of them all. Players gather in this online tournament of champions to finally prove that they are the one true Arcanist.

The Silhouette of an Arcane Visage

Visually, Arcanists may look simple and a bit outdated. But once the spells are cast, it becomes one of the most graphically appealing online strategy games created using flash animation. Most of the spells you learn in the game have their own unique look and animation; while some share some basic visual effects, these are easily overlooked thanks to the sheer amount of spells available in the game. Stages are colorful and detailed, with enough variety to keep players occupied and immersed in the game’s magical world. While we were not that impressed with the blur effect the artists of the game used in the background – they were too blurry and we felt like they were cutting corners, everything else in the game was well designed.

Dressing up your arcanist is one aspect of the game we really liked since it gave each player the chance to customize their character’s appearance so that they can easily be identified amongst the other arcanists playing online. Pretty much every part of your arcanist can be changed visually, from their robes to their facial hair. While the designs might not turn any heads, the artists did a decent job in designing the characters to fit the game. Additional customization parts can be unlocked after acquiring certain achievements or by purchasing orb coins from the developer’s main site – these premium items cost real money.

The animations in the game were focused mainly on the spells – which makes a lot sense since the game revolves around casting magic spells. Some spells have very simple animations but these tend to be the weaker ones, the more detailed animations were given to the high level spells and the game’s Armageddon events. While minor physical animations were provided to the arcanists themselves, other objects in the background also animate but are hardly noticeable unless the player moves the camera view of the game stage itself.

Spells that go BOOM!

Magic spells, especially the ones that cause a great amount of damage to opposing arcanists, would not be the same without the sound of an impressive explosion to accompany them. This was apparently what the developers thought also, so a great amount of sound effects were provided to the Arcanists’ huge array of spells and arcane arts. From the loud explosion made by detonating a Napalm bomb spell to the freezing sound made by the Blizzard spell, every spell is accompanied by its own unique sound. Each audio effect sounds crisp and clear – some are even recorded in full stereo. The attention to such detail in the game’s audio presentation has really impressed us.

The game’s soundtrack was decently composed and fits the game’s magical world setting pretty well. Most of the stages in the game have their own music theme – which is great news since players will be playing the game for a long time and will be spending most of their time on these stages.

Playing with Fire, Ice and other Elements

Arcanists is a game that relies heavily on strategy. The game itself plays very similar to the classic Worms game series, where players take turns in moving and attacking. Like most strategy games of this genre, players are required to deplete their opponent’s health points in order to win but unlike most of these games, players in Arcanists get to choose their magic books – which consist of arcane and elemental spell books, which determine what spells and skills they can equip their character with. A variety of spells can be mixed together in the player’s arsenal, so you can choose to equip up to sixteen spells and skills from different magical spell books and Arcane arts.

Learning spells in the game, is the only way to beat other players from around the world. While you start off with the basic Arcane book and Fire Book, other magical tomes can be purchased using wands collected throughout your battles. The amount of wands you get depends on your overall performance in the game. Once you have learned new spells, we recommend testing them out first in the sandbox mode found in the tutorial mode to know the pros and cons of the spell itself. Learning each spell and choosing the one that matches your play style and preferences will surely play a key role in the player’s overall strategy in the game. While a lot of the offensive spells learned are pretty straightforward in their usage, some spells require a bit of creative thinking to use properly. Like the Arrow spell that homes in on the target, some obstacles might block the projectile’s path so it is up to the player to judge the angle and the strength of the shot to make the arrow pass over the obstacles blocking its path.

Summoning minions in Arcanists is another aspect of the game that separates it from the rest of the strategy games available online. Each minion can be individually controlled using the same commands used by the player’s arcanist; the only difference will be the skills unique to each minion. Knowing which minion to use in what situation is very important – while not a game necessity, having an alternative means of playing the game gives Arcanists some added brownie points from us.

Being a member in the developer’s website is the only way to fully play Arcanists since game saving, unlocking achievements and accessing leader boards online are only available once a player is signed in. The character creation mode and tutorial are the only two major game modes available to non-members, so for those who want to experience the game’s multiplayer mode, get your emails ready. Additional game modes and content are also provided to FunOrb subscribers, these are pretty much for the Arcanists players who want to take their game to the next level.

The Resounding Outcome

Arcanists is not your average online strategy game. Jagex has created a fully fledged online multiplayer game that is creatively crafted to cater to fans of the genre that are looking for a strategy game that involves more than your average gaming experience. With this being said, it is a game not for everyone since it involves a great amount of time, not to mention some subscriptions are required to get the full experience of the game. While we highly recommend the game to strategy game enthusiasts, novices and players looking for a quick game to play might want to test it out first before signing up or registering subscriptions. Still, Arcanists is a great strategy game for those willing to take the plunge into this online magical world. Arcanists is a game that has clearly taken steps in the right direction and has spell bound us to give it an 85/100.